Without Exception Legal Meaning

Without Exception Legal Meaning

Practice. A formal objection to the court`s action at the hearing of a ground on which an application is rejected or an objection is rejected; This implies that, with the exception of the decision, the party does not agree with the court`s decision but will try to have it set aside and intends to save the benefit of its claim or objection in future proceedings. Spelling v. Yetter, 25 App.Div. 590, 49 N. Y. Supp. 917; Menschen v. Torres, 38 Kal. 142; Norton v. Livingston, 14 S.C.

178; Kline v. Wynnes 10 Ohio St. 22p. It is also used to designate other objections in the context of a legal action; For example, the exception to bail is a formal objection that the special bond offered by the accused is sufficient. 1 Tidd, Pr. 255.An exception is an appeal in cassation against a decision taken before or after the judgement by a court, tribunal, judge or other bailiff in an action or proceeding. The exception must be made at the time of the decision. Code Civ.Proc. Cal. 5 640.In Practice of Admiralty and Equity.

An exception is a party`s formal assertion that a prior pleading or proceeding of the opposing party is inadequate, according to Peck v. Osteen, 37 Fla. 427, 20South. 549; Arnold v. Schlachtung, 36 W. Va. 5S9, 15 S. E. 250.In Law. An exception in a statute is a clause intended to reserve or exempt certain persons from the general group of persons or things to whom the wording of the statute is generally related. An exception differs from a declaration which, through the use of a videlicet, a reservation, etc., is authorized only to explain dubious suspensive clauses.

or to separate and distribute the generals in detail. Cutler v. Tufts. 3 I am sick. (Mass.) 272.In contracts. A clause in a document or other assignment by which the grantor excludes something that the grantor has previously granted by the grantor. Morrison v. Bank, 88 Me.155, 33 Atl. 7S2; Gould v. Glas, 19 Barb. (N.Y.) 192; Coal Creek Min. Co.

v. Heck, 83Tenn. 497; Winston v. Johnson, 42 min. 39p., 45 n.w. 958; Bryan v. Bradley, 16Conn. 482; Reich v. Zeilsdorff, 22 Wis. 547, 99 Am.

Head. 81.La difference between an exception and a reservation is that an exception is always part of the thing granted and of an object contained therein; A storeroom is always a thing that is not in Esse, but newly created or reserved from the land or dwelling-house demised.Co. Litt 47a; 4 Kent, comm. 408. It has also been said that there is a difference between an exception and a savings, because an exception is clearly excluded, but an economy goes to the issues affected and not to the exception. Ploughed. 301.In civil law. An exception or objection.

Used in this sense in Louisiana. Derogatory exceptions are suspensive exceptions which merely deny the jurisdiction of the judge hearing the action. Code Proc. La. 334. Hesitant exceptions are those which do not tend to derail the action, but only to delay its progress. Mandatory exceptions are those that result in the dismissal of the action. Without exception — synonyms and related words: absolutely, all along the line, allowing no exceptions, all the time, everywhere, all the time, all the time, all inclusive, everything, always, at any time, at every turn, radical, categorical, clear,… Moby Thesaurus n. 1) a formal objection during the trial (“We take an exception or simply `exception`)” to a judge`s decision in a case, including decisions on objections to evidence, to show a higher court that the lawyer disagreed with the verdict.

In modern practice, it is not necessary to “make an exception” to a judge`s unfavourable decision, as it is now assumed that the lawyer against whom the judgment is rendered raises objections. This also prevents the transcribed record from being overloaded with “exception calls”. (2) in contracts, statutes or deeds, a statement that a matter is not included. Exception — /Ik sepSFn/ name (C, U) 1 something or someone who is not included in a rule, does not follow the expected pattern, etc.: With one or two notable exceptions, there are few women conductors. | No exception (= used to emphasize that a law or rule.. Longman dictionary of contemporary English without exception — adverb without exception Was everyone there? /Yes. Completely. Syn: without exception . Wiktionary without exception – expression used to emphasize that what you say applies to everyone or all The villages around York are virtually without exception suburban settlements for the urban area.

Thesaurus: anything and everything. Useful English dictionary “Without exception.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/without%20exception. Retrieved 6 November 2022. Exception — e.g|cep|tion W2S2 [ıkˈsepʃən] n [u and C] 1.) something or someone that is not included in a general statement or does not follow any rules or patterns ▪ It was cold, but today it is an exception. with the exception of sb/sth ▪ We all laughed, with the . Dictionary of Contemporary English The price of prescription drugs sold in Canada is almost always considerably lower than in the United States. Exception — [[t]ɪkse̱pʃ(ə)n[/t]] ♦♦♦ Exceptions 1) N COUNTS: often with the N of n, with N An exception is a particular thing, person or situation that is not included in a statement, judgment or general rule. Few guitarists can sing as well as she can. English dictionary.