Call for Papers.

Conference topics

Themes for Submission

Conference themes include (but are not limited to)


Employability new ways of thinking

Enhancing Employability

Technology, digitalization and the future of work

Employability skills

Employment and challenges in entrepreneurship

Lifelong learning

Cross-generational collaboration and diversity management


Entrepreneurship education

Learning and teaching entrepreneurship

Curriculum development for entrepreneurship education

Assessment practice in entrepreneurship education

Entrepreneurship pedagogy

Ways of developing entrepreneurial mindset

Entrepreneurial research

Work-based learning

Cross-cultural education: a challenge or a problem?

Developing entrepreneurship mentors


Entrepreneurial values

Entrepreneurial attitudes in society

Best practice in growing the entrepreneurial body among students, teachers and in society

What does it mean/takes to be an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial knowledge

Entrepreneurial Behaviour

Equality in entrepreneurship

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and development

New trends, programs and technologies

University-business cooperation and partnerships

Strategic management enhancing entrepreneurship

Mentoring: changing the ways of thinking


Organizational and social capital

Organizational and social capital for futuure workplace

Values and organizational success

Improvement of organizational capital

Organizational capital’s role in economy

Measurement of organizational and social capital

Education and social capital

Psychosocial and organizational factors at work

Commitment and motivation

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Registration deadline: 7th of May 2018

Conference date: 18th of May 2018