Guidelines for Papers

Full Papers

Each paper is reviewed by two anonymous, independent reviewers and the successful papers will be published in the “Proceedings of the EUAS No 3”.

Guidelines for full Papers:

Please submit Your full paper via online through Paper submission page and no later than December 12th, 2013. The paper should be in .doc format (Word document).

Papers must be in English. Before submitting your full paper please have your paper reviewed at your own institution on both the correct use of English (GB) and the Harvard Reference System, or your paper will not be excepted for review and selection for the Proceedings of the EUAS.

Papers must not exceed 15 pages, including abstract, tables, figures, notes and references.

Page size
The page size must be A4 (21 × 29.7 cm).

All four margins (top, bottom, left and right) must be 3 cm.

Page numbers
Do not put page numbers or headers/footers at the top or bottom of the

Typeface must be 11-point Arial (or very similar), except the title of the paper. Italics should be used for emphasis.

Title of the paper
Title of the paper must be in 14-point bold type and centered across the top of the page. The title is to be in all uppercase.

All names should be centered across the page, supplying the name, university affiliation, and e-mail address in bold type. The e-mail address is to be in lowercase.

Please provide a one paragraph abstract, in italics type.

Between 3 and 5 keywords should appear below the abstract, highlighting the main topics of the paper.

Headings must be numbered (e.g. 1, 1.1, 1.2, etc.) and written using uppercase and lowercase letters (Headline Style). Bold type must be used for level 1 headings and bold italic type for level 2 headings.

Tables and figures
Care should be taken so that tables and figures are not separated between pages. Graphics should be clearly rendered so as to yield attractive, readable black-and-white copies.

Footnotes are not permitted. Use endnotes instead and place them before the references.

References should follow the Harvard system. That is, they should be shown within the text as the author’s surname (or authors’ surnames) followed by a comma and the year of publication, all in round brackets: for example, (Cormack, 1994); (Lawrence 1966, p.124). At the end of the article a bibliographical list should be supplied, organized alphabetically by author (surnames followed by initials - all authors should be named). Bibliographic information should be given in the order indicated by the following examples:

Baron, D. P., 2008. Business and the organisation. Chester: Pearson.

Barker, R., Kirk, J. and Munday, R.J., 1988. Narrative analysis. 3rd ed. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

Unless otherwise indicated, articles are received on the understanding that they are original contributions, and have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. The author(s) is/are legally responsible for the use of any copyrighted publications they might use.