Call for Papers

The Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences Entrepreneurship Conference Committee invites You to submit abstracts and full papers for the conference "Innovation and Entrepreneurship: new ways of thinking" in November 22, 2013 at EUAS in Tallinn, Estonia.

Themes for Submission

Authors are requested to submit their abstract according to one of the conference themes below

Entrepreneurship education

- Learning and teaching entrepreneurship
- Implementing new methods and practices in teaching entrepreneurship
- Curriculum development for entrepreneurship education
- Assessment practice in entrepreneurship education
- Entrepreneurship pedagogy
- Ways of developing entrepreneurial mindset
- E-learning in entrepreneurship education
- Entrepreneurial research
- Outcomes of entrepreneurial education
- Planning the entrepreneurial education
- Developing entrepreneurship educators
- Developing the entrepreneurial spirit among students

Entrepreneurial university

- Creating the entrepreneurial universities in higher education: lessons learnt
- Developing the entrepreneurial culture in higher education institutions
- Developing the entrepreneurial environment in higher education institutions
- New strategies in leading the entrepreneurship universities
- Leadership development and program design
- Enterprise culture in universities

Entrepreneurial values

- Entrepreneurial attitudes in society
- Best practice in growing the entrepreneurial body among students, teachers and in society
- What does it mean/takes to be an entrepreneur
- Entrepreneurial knowledge
- Entrepreneurial behavior
- Equality in entrepreneurship

Innovations and entrepreneurship

- Entrepreneurship and development
- New trends, programs and technologies

Social entrepreneurship

- Corporate social responsibility
- Stakeholders enrollment
- Social vision, social values

University-business cooperation and partnerships

- Best practices in university-business cooperation and partnerships
- Challenges in university-business cooperation

Submission of abstracts open: September 30th, 2013  extended until the 21st of October 2013.

Submission of full papers open: December 12th, 2013

Guidlines for Abstracts

Guidlines for Papers

Important dates