Poster Session

Zdenek Ostian

“The Role of AI in Social Media Marketing in the Post-Pandemic Tourism Industry”


Оlena Bilovolska, Mykhailo Bilukha

“Systemic Research of Artificial Intelligence Application in Marketing”


Pavel Zagoryuko

“AI-Recommendation Implementaton in Ecommerce: A Quantitive Study of Customer Intention”


Larysa S. Kupriianova, Daryna S. Kupriianova

“Artificial Intelligence on the Frontline in the XXI Century”


Karshiev Istam Khaitmuradovich

“Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Econometric Modeling and Analysis”


Mikhno Inesa

“Peculiarities of Reconstruction of the Territories of Ukraine in View of the Development of Digital Technologies”


Iryna Bashynska

“Mastering the Future of Work: Essential Skills and Competencies in the Age of AI”


Halyna Synorub, Hanna Yordan

“Artificial Intelligence in the Professional Activities of Future Journalists: Advantages and Disadvantages”


Olena Cherniavska

“The Symbiosis of Human and Artificial Intelligence: Innovations in Higher Education and the Labor Market”


Svitlana Tarasenko, Tetiana Slabko, Wojciech Duranowski

“Analysis of AI Policy in Ukraine (2020-2023)”


Donenko L. N.

“Artificial Intelligence and the Decline in Students’ Intelligence”


Oleksandra Cherniavska

“The Future of Human-AI Collaboration in Digital Brand Management”


Nataliia Shmatko, Vasyl Ivchyk

“Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Business Management”


Denis Gonchar

“Analysis of AI-Based Solutions for Code Development: A Follow-Up to Chatgpt Study”


Sergiy Spivakovskyy

„Elevating Digital Marketing Strategies in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: A Comparative Analysis of Human and AI-Driven Campaign Performance“


Anzor Devadze, Olha Prokopenko, Lela Devadze

„The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on the Tourism Industry“


Tairova Zarnigor Mammat qizi

„The Significance of AI Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses“


Harsh Chauhan, Henrijs Kalkis

„Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Business Work Environment“


Badri Gechbaia, Ketevan Goletiani, Levan Gvarishvili

„Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Education, the Necessity of its Implementation: Current Risk and Reality“


Ilchenko Viktoriia, Bendiuh Yelyzaveta

„Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship: Competition or Partnership“


Oleksandr Chaban

„Integrating Diagnostic Models: A Revolutionary Approach in AI-Driven Healthcare“


Olga Matveieva

Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges: The Gendered Impact of Technologies and AI on Civic Engagement and Democracy Building


Donenko I. L., Donenko O.L.

„Fractal Innovative Technique for Cultivating Agricultural Land Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles“


Dudnyk O., Maiboroda M., Minenko S.

„Improving Organizational Management Quality in the Age of Digitalization: Leadership and Neural Networks“


Artur Spektor, O. Artemenkova

„Using Artificial Intelligence to Recognize, Analyze and Digitize Handwritten Documents“


Oleg Lebedev

„Legal Aspects in AI-Based Recommendation Implementation to Investment Platforms“


Leonid Taraniuk, Renata Korsakiene, Karina Taraniuk

“Strategy Management of Adaptation to Changes in the Educational Process of Universities in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”


Ataniyazova Maksuda Baltabayevna

“Role of Artificial Intelligence in Risk Management”


Tarmo Koppel, Olga Tšernikova

“Factors Affecting the SMEs Ability to Enter the AI Revolution”


Maiya Golovanova

“Integration of Artificial Intelligence Into the Educational Process of Universities: Challenges of Today”


Karin Reinhold, Marina Järvis

AI-Based Worker Management: Role of Participative Leadership and Empowerment


Galyna Peresadko, Oleg Olefirenko

“Advancing Risk Management Through Machine Learning and Optimization Techniques: A Case Study in Financial Portfolio Management”


Ance Saulite, Henrijs Kalkis

“Theoretical Aspects of the Future Workforce Regarding Social and Emotional Upskilling in Time of Increasing AI”


Donenko S. L., Donenko O. L.

“Fractal Structural Analysis of Rock Formations for the Detection of Uranium Deposits Using Artificial Intelligence”


Donenko O. L., Donenko I. L.

“Application of the Latest AI Components for Assessment and Acceptance of Civil Structures in Kyrgyzstan”