Video recordings

Johannes Tralla and AI Katie

Moderator’s welcome words

Mari-Klara Stein,

Professor of management at the department of Business Administration, TalTech – “Human-AI Collaboration: Bot-ification and Beyond”

Timo Nevalainen

Presentations of scientific papers: “Large Language Models (LLMs) And the Art of Asking Questions”

Karen Burns,

Co-Founder, CEO of Fyma OÜ – “How AI is Disrupting Commercial Real Estate”

Madis Judanov,

Key Account Manager, Mainor Ülemiste AS – “About Ülemiste City”

Ott Velsberg,

Government Chief Data Officer of Estonia – “Building the Next Generation e-Government Through AI”

Jaan Aru,

Associate professor at the University of Tartu studying creativity, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and the effect of technology on the human mind – “Creativity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”

Sven Maričić

Presentations of Scientific Papers: Sven Maričić, Dominik Zganec – “AI-Driven 3D Modeling for Advanced Robotic End Effector Development”

Ahmet Köse,

CPO, Co-Founder of R8 Technologies OÜ – “The Role of AI in Demand-side Energy Management for Commercial Real Estate” 

Panel Discussion:

Andrus Pedai, Ahmet Köse, Kirke Maar, Wan Jou Che,

“Embracing the AI Revolution: Finding Your Place in the New World”

Andrus Pedai,

Rector of Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences – “Artificial Intelligence and the Development of Humanity in the Shorter, Medium and Long-term Perspective”

Henrijs Kalkis

Presentations of scientific papers: Henrijs Kalkis, Svetlana Kocerova, Zenija Roja – “Case Study on Possibilities of Implementation of AI in Service Industry Automating Internal and External Communication”

Merilyn Meristo

Presentations of Scientific Papers: Merilyn Meristo, Ene Alas – “AI in Higher Education: Perceptions and Experiences in Foreign Language Learning”

Wan-Jou She,

Assistant Professor in Social Computing Lab Nara Institute of Science and Technology – “AI Augmented Medical Technology”